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non si apre...

crash allavvio. MacBook Pro 2014 13"


Su os x yosemite l’app crascha all’avvio, aggiornate!!

Yosemite crash

Confermo i commenti precedenti degli altri utenti, ad oggi 08/02/15 l’app va in crash

No export option

Why there is no export option to dae or other formats ?

Not worth your time

This app simply does not work as advertised, nor is there a functioning user interface.

It does what it was designed to do and it does it well.

It works just as expected. Another great Autodesk program. My only wish is that it came with a QuickLook plugin allowing me to preview FBX files in Finder. Now that would be helpful.

Loads models, and that’s it

One of the things I wanted to do is view a 3D object (type .3ds) with a texture file. Dragging and dropping the texture file resulted in the object being completely black. Zipping the file together with the texture (as suggested on AutoDesk's forum) (both named the same) resulted in the object still not being textured. Also, the UI is unintuitive, making me wonder where the on-screen options went and how to bring them back. The scrolling doesn’t match that of Xcode’s 3D viewer, meaining special swipes made on the trackpad of my 2015 MacBook weren’t recognized by the app (such as rotation).


Will not run. Crashes every time I try to open any model. Sorry.

This one works

This one works, unlike the last version.

doesn’t work on C3D files

I wanted to review some c3d files with this on my Yosemite MacBookPro. The app comes up fine. When I open a file, a message flashes across the screen (probably an error message but it’s impossible to read unless you’re a Vulcan) and then an empty plane is shown. I tried some c3d test files from c3d.org and got the same result. I can’t find a way to show log output. Once I pressed some key and got an onscreen menu showing some choices, but none looked helpful for my situation. (Devs should make this feature more discoverable, or at least show a menu item.) Maybe those familiar with Autodesk can work with this. But I’m certian it doesn’t handle c3d files and doesn’t tell me about the error condition in a useful way.

I dont know how to use it?

I dont know how to use it? please help me figure out how to use this. Thanks

"bug fixes" = actually starts now

better late than never, i guess.

Yosemite Fixed

For a Free application this little gem is great for jumping in and previewing FBX files quick, also quickly lookup animation clip names. ++ Thanks!

Yosemite Crash Finally Resolved. Inter

Update 4/1/15 - Version 1.3 No longer crashes in Yosemite. This app give the basic ability to review FBX files. This includes animation, which is nice. One really strange behavior is if you use the scroll wheel to zoom the UI get’s hidden. Not sure why anyone would want this. Expecially because the way to get it back is completely non-intuituve. I accidentlally discovered that right clicking would bring it back. Still trying to figure the options out as there is basicly no documentation, help sends you to the app forum on Autodesks website. Upping my review slightly while I play with the update. So far it looks promising but I would expect this to be a low priority project from Autodesk (rarely updated). Improvments it could use: -Display scene Camera and Light positions in Perspective view. -Multiple Document support -Better help system (for scene navigation). I have slowly been figuring out zooming/dollying and panning via trial and error) -User control of UI hiding. I don’t want the UI to hide every time I navigate in an orthographic view. -Tool tips when hovering over UI display options. Original review: Looks cool, but like others have said, it’s useless in Yosemite at thist time. Don’t expect rapid support or fixes. 1. This is Free, and AD forum repsonses from employees indicate this is a low priorty project. 2. Just looking at the forums related to this software AD states this is low priority, crashs have been reportd for several months and one post stated “maybe January or February”, but this could be 2015 or 2016.


Crashes on launch. Verified by many other users. I was excited to be able to view files on my mac, but this is, in fact, completely useless.

Yosemite Version or a new version that works with Yosemite?

Come on Autodesk it’s been quite long enough to have a Yosemite version out. This WAS a useful and goodish program a year ago..

Doesn’t even open in Yosemite

Like at all. Just tells me that “FBX Review quit unexpectedly.” So. Yeah.

PoC or PoC?

Agree, this a completely useless software. Doesn’t launch and crashes on open. Apple should not even be offering this on the App Store. I think the AD development team confused the terms Proof of Concept with Piece of Crap when working on this project.

As others have already stated...

…doesnt work in Yosemite.

Won’t even Open!

Umm, the app won’t even open at all. It downloaded very quickly, but it wouldn’t open at all. Completely useless.

I can’t even run it!

This app would be very useful if it could run on OS X Yosemite.

Classic Autodesk

Really, Autodesk? Showing your Pro abilities w/ an App that doesn’t even run?


Crashes immediately on Yosemite.

Crashes immediately not compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite!

Crashes immediately not compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite!

Does not support Yosemite

Crashes immediately. Adding my voice to the request to get this working under OSX 10.10

Doesn’t work on Yosemite...

Looks like it would be a great app… Doesn’t work on Yosemite atm...

it’s good.

I’m amazed it didnt crash and burn importing a 600 thousand polygon model and not only that, moving the camera around was fluid and smooth. I’m yet to test it fully for what was inteded for but I’d like to know why the real time shadows and teselation options are disabled. I’d be nice if this had the same shader capabilities and options viewport 2.0 has (plus it had a turn table render option :D )

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