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doesn’t start

On mac book pro, the app crashes overy time i start it.

It does not start

The app crashes when I try to open it. I’m on Imac 27 » 2014 and the same problem on my mcbook pro

crashs only

It doesn’t open… crashes at start.

Crashes at start-up - free but useless

I’m using Yosemite and as soon as I try to start the application it crashes with nice stack trace :-(

Crashes immediately

Crashes immediately, therefore useless.

Instant crash on Yosemite

Worked on Mavericks before.


Easy to use, light, straightforward. The ultimate way to view your FBX scenes!

App Crash under Yosemite

This app is crashing 100% with my brand new MacBookPro late 2014 running Yosemite… Fix this crash AutoDesk...

Does not work on Yosemite

This app does not work on Yosemite!

Stopped Working In Yosemite

worked great, then 1 update later, never worked again. please fix this autodesk!

Crash at launch

Unbelievable. I got the link from their website. I never expect a software from big company like autodesk will do this to me. You made it!

Brutal ...

Yosemite was released, what, last October (with developer versions available well in advance of this)? And here’s an app from one of the best known software vendors on the planet that can’t even launch. Brutal, absolutely brutal.


The app crashes 100% on Yosemite. Don’t even waste your time installing it. Shame on Autodesk.

Working great!

I like the app. it’s great on my YoSemite. How can I preview not only one model, but entire folder? Please add this option.


Crashes instantly after start on Macbook Pro!

Çalışmıyor / Doesn’t work

Uygulamayı açtığım anda daha pencere çıkmadan patlıyor. App crashes upon opening, without even displaying the main window. OS X Yosemite 10.10.1

Does not work on Yosemite.

Does not work on Yosemite.

still doesn’t work

2015 and still crashes while starting up

it’s good.

I’m amazed it didnt crash and burn importing a 600 thousand polygon model and not only that, moving the camera around was fluid and smooth. I’m yet to test it fully for what was inteded for but I’d like to know why the real time shadows and teselation options are disabled. I’d be nice if this had the same shader capabilities and options viewport 2.0 has (plus it had a turn table render option :D )

Does not support Yosemite

Crashes immediately. Adding my voice to the request to get this working under OSX 10.10

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